BÜCOLIT® Spray coatings

BÜCOLIT® spray coatings are made of high resistant vinyl ester resins and are reinforced by a flake filler. They can be applied very economically because they can be sprayed easily. Specially developed fillers are added as reinforcement.

This allows the exact spray coating to be selected at any time from a versatile range, which gives optimal properties for the intended application.

In this way different coating characteristics can be achieved to meet the specifications needed for its use.

BÜCOLIT® Laminate and filler coatings

GBT's laminate and filler coatings show their strengths, especially when coating and lining complex surface geometries.

Their characteristic mechanical properties are very good. They have excellent diffusion resistance and service life. This means that they are predestined for the protection against many chemical, thermal and mechanical stresses.

Laminate and filler coatings from GBT are applied using the hand laying method.

The BÜCOLIT®  product range of laminate coatings

  • BÜCOLIT®  V25
    ISO/NPG polyester with E-glass matting
  • BÜCOLIT®  V47-36
    Novolac vinyl ester resin with ECR glass matting
  • BÜCOLIT®  Lining
    Novolac vinyl ester resin with glass matting

BÜCOLIT® Filler coating

  • BÜCOLIT®  V47-36 AR filler
    Novolac vinyl ester resin, corundum Al2O3

BÜCOCONTROL® and BÜCOTHERM® double-walled coatings

The double-walled GBT coating systems BÜCOCONTROL® and BÜCOTHERM® were developed primarily in order to comply with the requirements of the German water resources management act (WHG) for sustained leakage monitoring. Above all they are used in:

  • Tanks,
  • collection basins and
  • pump sumps.

Their double walls, which are achieved using a 3D interspersed fabric, give them excellent insulation properties, diffusion resistance and operational reliability. Simultaneously they guarantee optimal protection for:

  • Filters and scrubbers
  • In flue-gas cleaning facilities.

Product properties and performance characteristics

  • High resistance against aggressive media
  • Thermally insulating
  • Simple to test while in operation, during use and after application
  • Leakage monitoring using excess or negative pressure
  • Easy to install, even in poorly accessible areas
  • Suitable for new plants and upgrading
  • Long service life due to high channelling of diffused media
  • Can be repaired without limitation
  • 3D e-glass interspersed fabric

Rubber linings

With the addition of HAW Linings GmbH, in Bornum am Harz, the GBT group has brought the inventor of the industrial rubber lining into its ranks.

For new and re-rubberised linings there is an outstanding and extensive range of highly developed and proven lining materials in the form of hard and soft rubber linings based natural or synthetic rubber.

HAW Linings GmbH carries out both plant and construction site rubber lining work. The company also has the largest autoclaves for vulcanisation and the largest centre with own rail connection for rubberised tank wagons in Europe.

Soft rubber linings product range

  • HAW-W06
    Bromobutyl rubber BIIR, self vulcanising
  • HAW-W08
    Bromobutyl rubber BIIR
  • HAW-W12
    Chlorosulfonated polyethylene CSM/PVC

Hard rubber linings product range

  • HAW-H22
    Isoprene rubber IR
  • HAW-H90
    Isoprene rubber IR
  • HAW-H94
    Polyisoprene/styrene butadiene rubber IR/SBR

Phenolic resin lining

  • Bornumharz®
    Lining based on phenolic resin

HAW rubber linings: General product properties

  • Chemically resistant against concentrated acids, alkalis and solvents
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Very good mechanical properties
  • Comparatively lower substrate specifications needed
  • High heat distortion temperature and temperature resistance
  • High diffusion resistance
  • Crack bridging

The technical Specifications of our products can be found the downloads section.

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