GBT solutions for power stations and waste incineration plants

In the case of flue-gas scrubbing in power stations and waste incineration plants, plant components are contaminated with corrosive chemicals.

BÜCOLIT® for use in power stations and waste incineration plants

Thanks to the many different versions, GBT's corrosion protection systems can be exactly matched to the various areas of use:


  • Flue-gas ducts
  • Absorbers
  • Electrostatic filters, fabric filters
  • Chimneys, flues
  • Fans
  • Silos, bunkers
  • Containers

Analysis and plant operation with GBT

Especially important for power stations and waste incinerator operators: Practically every flue gas cleaning plant has its own chemical, thermal and mechanical Ioad-diagram because of the different plant designs and modes of operation.

As one of the most experienced companies for heavy-duty corrosion protection GBT is not only specialised in analysing such loads but also in plant renovation and increasing plant resilience.

Includes the use of highly developed materials for

  • coating
  • rubber lining
  • other types of lining

It also involves the

  • manufacture of entire plant components and
  • production of plant parts.

Power stations / Waste incineration plantsPower stations / Waste incineration plants

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